Saturday, July 3, 2010

Long Day - July 03, 2010

I am a bit disappointed at these pictures, but at least they are fairly clear. I had enlarged them and they looked great, but some where lost the big sizing!!
However, this is the grand sum of my work for this day!! Not any thing truly big, but I did get two pieces of lace and most of "sugar" container finished. I think I spent most of morning trying to figure out just where and how to begin.
I must tell you, I had a difficult time of seeing the "creamer" on this chart and wrote the designer, Claudia Dutcher, with my questions. This very kind lady answered my questions within a very short time period and also gave me some wonderful suggestions. The best of which it was not truly necessary for me to "pull" any threads!! Yeah!! Just the incentive I needed!!
My first "virtual stitch-in" did not prove to make a big bit of progress, however, I am quite happy with what I did accomplish as I do thoroughly enjoy every little "x" I am able to do!! I truly am also looking forward to actually being able to hopefully display my first table topper.
My hubby, Max, spent most of the day pacing still intent on his wish to go fishing!! He has been having some real bad days in the recent weeks.
I am not sure if he really was aware of why he could not go today or not.
He still was intent our neighbor had left without us, while in reality she went in to Chicago for a few days!! I am going to make sure some one does take him the first of this week just to get this past his mind.
I had so much fun today, that I plan on giving my self another "virtual stitch-in" extension day tomorrow also!!
Love and Hugs!!